Why Was Call of Duty: Ghosts SO HATED?! And... BAD?!

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The Act Man

Published on Sep 13, 2019
The Black Sheep of the Call of Duty Franchise. Call of Duty: Ghosts made waves with the community for being the most hated game in the series. But why was it so hated? And what makes Call of Duty: Ghosts SO BAD?! Well, only one way to find out... SUPPORT the Channel  ► https://www.patreon.com/TheActMan Subscribe ↪ https://www.youtube.com/c/TheActMan?s... Call of Duty Critiques ► https://bit.ly/2KphbtM BAD?! Game Reviews ► https://bit.ly/2Mx7T1d ____TIME STAMPS____0:00 – What Don’t You Like About Call of Duty: Ghosts?2:02 – Intro 4:29 – A Generational Gap7:20 – Campaign21:11 – Multiplayer26:37 – Map Design (Stonehaven Sucks Balls)30:57 – Extinction36:32 – Conclusion✪ CONNECT WITH ME ✪ Twitter ➤ https://twitter.com/TheActMan_YT Act Man TV ➤ http://bit.ly/2kPXk7f Discord ➤ https://discord.gg/yBABtkh  Instagram ➤ https://www.instagram.com/theactman_yt/ Facebook ➤ https://www.facebook.com/TheActMan2016/